A Globally Renowned Affiliate Network

AffiliSearch is an international affiliate gambling network that was founded in 2009. It was acquired by Vita Media Group in 2022 and has been revamped into an all encompassing Network. We’ve brought together a group of talented and experienced individuals from both the iGaming and Mainstream Worlds, creating a unique network unlike others seen up to this point.

We cover all markets, and have a global employee presence for around the clock optimization and personal attention to your accounts. As an invite only platform, we primarily work with industry veterans and reputable groups. This is what makes us a safe and sustainable place for both publishers and advertisers to conduct business. Publishers have access to proven and tested campaigns on both gambling and mainstream offers, and Advertisers can sleep well at night knowing that only quality and legitimate segmented traffic is landing on their offers.

Team and office

Behind every great company is a hard-working team of talented individuals. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, we’ve got people working on AffiliSearch in 5 countries, including account managers, developers, content producers and a finance team.

Jimmi Meilstrup
Board member

Martin Manaskov
Head of PR

Michael Asselta
Managing Director

Andrej Bonevski
Account Manager

Rasmus Hansen

Xhana Volina
Senior Account Manager

Henrik Pitzner Liljegren

Brian Nyegaard